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AJOR Real Estate Group, LLC

 "Empowering People and Strengthening Communities — one neighborhood at a time."



AJOR Real Estate Group, LLC (AJOR) is a socially conscious, mission-driven real estate investment company formed by West Baltimore residents to push back the threat of displacement.


Our mission is to transform distressed communities into vibrant neighborhoods that foster diversity and economic opportunities without gentrification and cultural extinction.


Our partners share a desire to address disinvestment and vacancy and recognize that by pooling resources and sharing risk, we can do collectively what none of us could do alone. We invest patient capital in real estate to generate financial and social returns. 


Our goal is to create a Baltimore in which all people have the option to live in a home, close to good jobs and schools, where it is convenient, safe, dignified, and affordable. As community members and partners, our mission is to advance equitable policies and leverage resources necessary to realize our goal. 


AJOR’s first "resident-owned" redevelopment project returns Harlem Park Community Baptist Church to its rightful place as the Harlem Theatre. The Harlem's restoration will serve as the anchor for a community-driven plan that incorporates a portfolio of properties owned by Harlem Park residents. 





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