It may be too early to book the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” but there’s hope on North Gilmor Street. Because after occupying 614 North Gilmor for over 44 years, the pastor and founder of Harlem Park Community Baptist Church, Reverend Dr. Raymond Kelly, Jr., and his congregation have sold the building to AJOR Real Estate Group, LLC.  


AJOR is a socially conscious real estate development company created to push back the threat of displacement. AJOR’s owners are Harlem Park residents and church members who believe that the families most affected by decades of neglect should be empowered to develop the solution. Not as an arbitrary contributor to someone else’s vision, but from inception to planning and implementation; to ownership, wealth, and overall wellness. 

Our vision returns the building to the Harlem Theatre, and it honors our church and its history as a theatre by fusing spirituality, art, culture, and entertainment. It will house a 21st-century education academy, community resource office, museum, restaurant, state-of-the-art multi-media studio, and event spaces where we welcome all faiths, cultural traditions, and progressive thought leaders who cultivate positive change and the power of the imagination. 


The Harlem will feature an artfully woven blend of poetry, music, visual art, and stunning live performances. The cultural programming will highlight themes of redemption and rebirth — inspired by stories from the community.













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