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At first sight, it may appear that there is nothing in Harlem Park worth the investment. But, living amongst the debris, boarded doors, and crumbling walls are change-makers whose cultural identity and community activism have fostered a paradigm shift that gives hope and power back to "THE PEOPLE" — WE ARE BALTIMORE'S COALITION FOR POSITIVE CHANGE (BMORESC4PC).


Baltimore's Coalition for Positive Change is comprised of residents, local small businesses, and grassroots organizations located in West Baltimore. 


However, our message of hope, solidarity, and empowerment is for anyone living anywhere. We were the “voiceless,” so our mission was born out of frustration with the political, racial, social, and economic inequalities that plague our underserved neighborhoods.


Our goal is to empower community members to leadership because we believe that the individuals and families most affected by decades of political and economic neglect should be empowered to develop the solutions. Not as arbitrary contributors to someone else’s vision, but from inception to planning and implementation; to wealth and overall wellness.




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