THE HONEY BADGER PROMENADE is an innovative, sustainable solution to address poverty and food apartheid in Harlem Park.


Quality food options are not just essential for the nourishment of our bodies but impact every aspect of our quality of life — environment, economy, health, and even our culture and social lives.


The HB Promenade creates a cooperatively owned and operated, community-based food system where residents actively participate in growing, producing, processing, distributing, and waste management.


The promenade will be completed in phases starting with a cultural culinary kitchen incubator and hydroponic pod, followed by a fresh food community market, living wall, and rooftop beehive garden.


We will serve Southern-style brunch fare and fixings. Everything we serve will be locally sourced and made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Many of our herbs and vegetables will come from our pod, rooftop garden, or our community gardens nestled throughout Harlem Park. 























































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